Kashmir Snowdon-Jones Guilty Of Fraudulent Burrito Binge

by BILLY GRAY · May 7, 2010

    Kashmir Snowdon-Jones, a girl who goes out a lot and gets photographed doing it, pleaded guilty yesterday to misdemeanor identity theft. You remember, she charged $4,000 to her "frenemy's" mom's credit card. She won't get to live out her Gaga-esque lesbian prison fantasies, but will do community service.

    Let's recap February's Burritogate. Last summer Snowdon-Jones and friend Jennifer Hirsch had a falling out in the Hamptons. Snowdon-Jones copied the friend's mother's credit card number (NB: we originally wrote that the card belonged to the younger Hirsch, but these sorts of "socialites" usually mooch off their parents well into middle age) and bought $3, 821.70 $4,260.89 worth of leggings, Domino's pizza and, yes, burritos.

    Anyway, nearly three months after authorities charged her, Snowdon-Jones pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor. A judge ordered her to pay back the money, with added fines, and a week of community service, which might include hanging out with Jules Kirby.