Kashmir Snowdon-Jones Needs Money For: Burritos, Domino's, And $800 Leggings. Aka Necessities.

by BILLY GRAY · February 15, 2010

    [Kashmir Snowdon-Jones with Sebastian Bland] Kashmir Snowdon-Jones is a regular on GofG. We have followed her shenanigans for over a year, ranging from birthdays and  bowling alleys, to black tie masquerade balls, and taking our own J.T. White under her beautiful wings. Which is why we were shocked to hear that this 21-year old socialite beauty  was charged Wednesday with identity theft and grand larceny after charging $3,821.71 to a "frenemy's" credit card. The money was spent on burritos, Domino's pizza and and an $800 pair of leggings. Aka necessities.

    Kashmir is known to dozens of people for sharing a hyphenate with Emma Snowdon-Jones, her former stepmom (Kashmir and her father David are NOT on speaking terms with Emma. The stories of the separation are pretty over the top/crazy and would most likely bore you) and a woman familiar to those who actually scan the bold-faced names in Sunday Styles party wrap-ups. Also, Emily Brill once implied she (Emma) was dead broke.

    Which, apparently, Kashmir (whose parents considered naming Chechnya before remembering their love of Led Zeppelin) actually is. The credit card used by Snowdon-Jones for those late night Domino's binges supposedly belonged to her friend Jennifer Hirsch. The old pals had a falling out in the Hamptons last May, after which Snowdon-Jones allegedly copied the number, security code and expiration date information. The charges piled up between June 6 and September 24 (clearly Hirsch doesn't review her statements too closely).

    Said Snowdon-Jones to the po-po:

    "I used the credit card charges to get back at my friend."

    Inevitably, news of her arrest tickled the biddies who always considered her a pretender (fittingly since her mom was once married to one of the Pretenders). Sniped one anonymous source in the Post:

    "People call her a socialite, but she's just a wannabe socialite."

    We'll let you know if the legal system treats her more kindly as the story progresses. In the meantime, we're going to keep the image of precious Kashmir, sweet sweet innocent beauty, in our heads.

    Kashmir's dad, David Snowden-Jones throws a masquerade party of the season every December.

    Kashmir Snowdon-Jones is a fixture of NYC nightlife, frequently spotted at Southside (above).

    Bowling with friends like Cayte Grieve (Blackbook), Kristian Laliberte, Sebastian Bland, Jules Kirby, and Carrie Baker.

    With friend and fellow trouble maker Jules Kirby at intimate dinner party.

    With Ignazio Cipriani

    Kashmir Snowdon-Jones Girls just wanna have fun ok? At Butter for Alexa Winner's Bday.