Before They Were Socialites, Part Two

by Cary Randolph Fuller · February 9, 2010

    Before this social became a Voguette, a model, a muse, and an international society queen, she was a teenager who drank beer, wore sweatshirts, and goofed off for the camera. But then her million dollar smile catapulted her to superstardom. Our battles with orthodontia and knobby knees weren't so fortunate.

    It's hard to believe sometimes that even the most beautiful people in the world were once awkward kids, growing into their gangly features and sporting the tragic trends of bygone eras. But before she married a Santo Domingo, she was just Lauren Davis - an all-American girl with an enviably lithe frame...and a modeling career that put her in the pages of Sassy...and entre to the best fraternity parties at USC. If only we had all been so blessed! Journey back in time with us as we relive Lauren's formative years from boarding school to Southern California to Greece and back.

    With Hilary Fox, and with friends in the early 90s (That's fellow future scenester Amy Greenspon on the left)

    With her family on the beach.

    Boys and girls mature at such different rates. (Both pictures taken while LSD was in high school.)

    From the looks of it, high school was a blast, but it was in college that Lauren seems to have had the most fun. In addition to donning costumes for Pi Phi theme parties (a sorority rite that some of us at GofG remember fondly) she played dress-up for Sassy, a then-popular teen magazine. And we're pretty sure that almost all of these outfits can be found once again at your friendly neighborhood Urban Outfitters.

    These days, when not jet-setting to far-away playgrounds with her Colombian aristocrat husband and Euro friends, Lauren lives in New York and works as a contributing editor at Vogue. She has been a muse to Olivier Theyskens and will likely be seen in the front row at Fashion Week's best shows, not to mention the best parties at the best spots.

    But never forget that this socialite was once just like us! Except really, really blessed and beautiful. Kind of just like us!


    Pi Phi Bid Day 1995; in Greece in 1995 with friends (Check out those 90210-style fashions!)

    At Pi Phi-Beta Country Club in 1994; as featured in Sassy magazine.

    Mugging on the dance floor, then as now; at Phi Delta Theta's Cowboy party

    We all have photos like this lurking in albums, packed away in our parents' attics or childhood bedrooms. It's time to bust out the scanner, scribble some captions, and show the world how cool we were before we found success in the "real world." Many thanks to Lauren for jump-starting the nostalgia trend!

    [All photos via Facebook.]