Kristian Laliberte Learns That Money Can Buy More Than Just Happiness

by Stanely Stuyvesant · August 17, 2009

    Kristian LaliberteThis weekend social gay Kristian Laliberte tweeted that he was verbally "assaulted" at The Georgica Restaurant & Lounge in East Hampton by a heterosexual patron who apparently spouted a verbal barrage of hatred at the man-about-town.  When Laliberte cried foul to the management, he was told that the person couldn't be kicked out.  Why?  Because they spent a lot!

    @kristianlaliber - Love getting assaulted at georgica and being told the douche who called me a jew and a fag was too rich to get kicked out

    Upon reading this, we asked Laliberte to elaborate on the situation.  (We have also emailed Georgica Management and are awaiting a response).  He refused to go into details about the specific altercation at the nightclub, but took the opportunity to provide a verbose treatise on the greater social ramifications of the casual use of anti-gay slang.  And here it is:

    And letting people get away with it. It's sad that people think are we "pulling the gay card" a consequence of the fact many heterosexuals think its cool or ok to call gay or straight people a faggot as a joke. It's even sadder when the word is used as an adjective to connotate "stupid" or "weak" "girly." But in this day and age to call a gay person a "faggot" as a derogatory slur out of pure hate and prejudice is reprehensible.

    A lot of my straight friends don't get why its such a big deal. However if the LGTB community wants to achieve more tolerance and equality, they need to realize that this term is nothing short of saying that homosexuals are second class citizens, that something is wrong with us.

    When straights and gays realize the import of the world and all that it implies, its to recall a time when the n word was perfectly acceptable, a time when a certain group was inferior to the general population. We all know where that can lead.

    Don't people realize that gays are being hung in Iran or bombed in Israel. People should stamp out hatred whenever they see it, and I was disappointed and ashamed that this certainly wasn't the case with the staff at the night club.

    Maybe one day it will.