Lydia Hearst wants to write.

by guestofaguest · October 9, 2007


    Gawker is reporting that the lovely red-headed socialite/turned model is now wishing to turn writer.  We love 24 year old Ford model Lydia for her Heatherette fame (clothing line started by our favorite club kid Richie Rich.  Obviously, anyone that is a friend of Richie's is a friend of ours.  Now we are curious to see what she can bring to the table outside of Vogue covers and catwalks.


    (Lydia as Dorothy for the fall '07 Heatherette line)

    Her blog-like words of wisdom will apparently be showing up in the newly founded Page Six Magazine which Lydia wants to do because in her own words:

    "I will be the first to say that I have had a charmed life. I get to travel to places and have adventures that most people don't. I get to design handbags and walk runways. So why not write about it?"

    Some other interesting things we learn are that Ms. Hearst thinks models are getting used these days and are way underpaid.  She would eat at the Waverly Inn, but after getting snubbed for being 15 minutes late there thinks the place is overrated, because when she goes out at night she's not in search of power like Rachel Zoe, but FOOD (usually sushi?).  She claims her column will change the labels that people prescribe her to: "a socialite, a jet-setter, nothing more than the sparkling by-product of my legacy".  She trusts noone and thinks that if you have any more than 5 close friends you are letting too many people in.  And, finally, her best friend is Harriet the Spy's Michelle Trachtenberg, which we find a rather odd pairing, yet somehow comforting.