Marc Fisher Has Some Choice Words And Shoves For Walter Noel

by Rachelle Hruska · December 23, 2008

    Nine West founder Jerome and his wife Anne Fisher (pictured left via NYSD) are a charitable couple.  In August of 2008 they gave 50 million dollars to UPenn for a new biomedical research building.  And in December of 2008 they gave $150 million dollars to money heaven via Bernard Madoff.  They were happy about the first gift, not so happy about the second.  The New York Post recently wrote that Fisher had some heated words for one of Madoff's salesman Bob Jaffe.

    According to some reports, Nine West founder Jerome Fisher, who is said to have lost $150 million as a result of Madoff's alleged misdeeds, exchanged heated words with Jaffe at a black-tie birthday party Saturday.

    But as a tipster notes, it wasn't Jerome Fisher, rather his son Marc Fisher who lives in Greenwich and is the founder of Marc Fisher Footwear.  And it wasn't Jaffe with whom he exchanged words and shoves, but rather Walter Noel.  So how did these two come into such close proximity with each other? A social event of course, namely the cocktail bar at their local country club!  Walter is not one to shy away from an event, and so fate would have it that they both wound up at the Round Hill Club Christmas Party.  NYMag previously reported on Noel's attendance, but left out the Fisher incident.

    It's been a difficult year for the Fishers.  A net worth swing of 200+ million dollars is never easy to swallow, especially when one of the beneficiaries is right in front of you.  In addition, Marc Fisher has helped finance operations of Greenwich spec builder Mark Mariani, and if they have any unsold properties it could further his financial losses.