Weekend At Bernie's Sure To Break Box Office Records

by Rachelle Hruska · January 5, 2009

    [Bernie Madoff being held up by hanging out with  top salesmen friends Robert Jaffe and Walter Noel]

    "He may be dead...but he's the life of the party!" so says the trailer of the latest tragicomedy Weekend at Bernie's starring Bernie Madoff and his  social salesmen social buddies  Walter Noel and Robert Jaffe.  It's a touching story of friends whose loyalty and devotion to each other ultimately lands the trio in a heap of trouble.

    Twenty years ago Bernie had an idea to throw a ponzi scheme party and he summoned Noel and Jaffe to create the ultimate investor list guest list.  Over two decades they wrangled people through the exclusive velvet rope that guarded Madoff's threshold.  With a 2 and 20% $20 cover charge, the three lived like kings.  But what started out as a good time soon spiraled out of control. 

    If you want to dance, you've got to pay the fiddler.  Eventually the fiddler came a knockin' and the party had to stop a rockin'.  Noel and Jaffe tried to keep the party and Bernie afloat, but alas the narcs came and raided the club.  Bernie was forced to go home, Jaffe was forced to sell his clothes, and Walter just went to another party.

    THE END!