NYC Socialite Arm Candy, A Look Through The Yearbook

by Rachelle Hruska · January 14, 2009

    [Jules and Paul: Freshman, Luigi and Amanda: Sophmores, Tinsley and Peter: Juniors, Fabiola and Derek: Seniors.]

    In case you're wondering, most NYC socialites spend as much time picking out who they will wrap around their arm as the accessories that will adorn it.  Therefore, it is imperative that you pick out some satisfactory arm candy (CC note: what we used to call "walkers").  And, once you find a suitable companion, it's just as important to keep him around until you become as popular as if he was your very own straight husband.  And, just like handbags, each season there seems to be the new "it" arm candy to have at your party.  Let's take a look through some of the more popular brands and the class they fall under at our Guest of a Guest high school:

    The Senior Class:

    Fabiola Beracasa and Derek Blasberg: From cocktail parties to movie premieres, and every gala in between, Derek has been Fabiola's go-to arm candy of choice.  After a brief stint with Genevieve Jones, Derek seemed to have done an impeccable job at balancing his time between the two socialites, though these days, it's Fabiola's arm he's been latching on to for support.

    The Junior Class:

    Tinsley Mortimer and Peter Davis: Tinsley may not have always been able to count on Topper for support, but her #1 social-gay guy Peter would NEVER leave her hanging.  Appearing on so many red carpets together (sometimes even with husband Topper in tow!), these two really set the bar high for other social acts to follow.  They even look good together!

    The Sophmore Class:

    Lydia Hearst and Scott Buccheit: Not only has Scott's company, Artwing, helped host many the party for the lovely Lydia, the two have traveled everywhere together, and have each others back through thick and thin.  This includes the recent painfully public breakup between Scott and Naeem.  Both are busy doing their own things, modeling, writing, and producing things, however they always seem to find time for each other.



    Amanda Hearst and Luigi Tadini: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall, Luigi can be seen accompanying Amanda around.  They are involved in organizations like Riverkeeper together, spend their summers by each others sides in the Hamptons, and are perhaps the most attractive social couple we have seen.  They are both completely humble as well, which makes us almost hate that we love them so much!

    Devorah Rose and Kristian Laliberte: Though they may seem a bit obnoxious to some, there's no denying that Devorah and Kristian are some of the hardest working PR people in the city.  They have been photographed by PMc more than any other couple this year at parties.  Sure, sometimes they miss out on the bigger galas, but that will come in due time, just wait until Senior year.


    The Freshman Class:

    Jules Kirby and Paul Johnson-Calderon: With Jules Kirby's arrival back on the scene of NYC came numerous photo ops from hungry photogs.  Fall/Winter '08 belonged to one couple: Jules and Paul.  Paul, the on-again-off-again boyfriend of another Arm Candy on this list, Peter Davis, was beside Jules at every holiday soiree you could find.  They were the toast of the town, and smoking hot at the Observatory's Winter Wonderland Ball.  Will they be on a repeat this Spring?  Well, that is TBD as Jules has left Paul on a jet plane once more.