NYC Socialites On Twitter, A Who's Who Of Who's Tweeting

by Rachelle Hruska · December 11, 2009

    Twitter has become an open diary for celebs like Ellen Degeneres, John Mayer, Ashton and Demi, and even Oprah, but what about our NYC Socialites? Think they are more closed off about their whereabouts? Think again. Below, a list of our favorite socialites to follow on Twitter.

    Derek Blasberg - @dizzyblazeberg By far the most prolific tweeter. From front row at fashion shows in Paris, to cocktail parties in L.A., Derek isn't afraid to share his whereabouts. It's hard to keep up with the fabulous tales of this style writer, but that doesn't mean you won't want to try.

    Rachel Roy - @Rachel_Roy: The designer/wife of Damon Dash has more style than she knows what to do with. Thankfully, she shares her creative talents on twitter, often in the form of twit pics.

    Harley Viera-Newton - @harleyvnewton: This Cobrasnake muse hailing from London has caught the attention of many fashionistas in NYC. Not to mention fans of her spinning. Follow Harley as she tweets her way around her gigs.

    Genevieve Jones - @lovegenjo: Genevieve is a "designer of fine jewelry and luxury accessories," though her website makes about as much sense as her twitter feed. No matter, she goes to Boom Boom and has fabulous friends right?

    Lauren Santo Domingo - @TheLSD: Vogue's Lauren Santo Domingo showed much promise at the beginning of her Twitter run. Lately, she's been too busy it seems to let her followers in on ANYTHING she's up to, save for some Mochila Project. Still, you should probably follow her for those rare occasions she does have something to tweet.

    Gillian Hearst - @gillianhearst:Gillian is about the sweetest thing since apple pie. And there's one thing she does well: support her friends. Her charities rang from Operation Smile to ACRIA and she keeps us all up to date on her feed.

    Lydia Hearst - @LHearst: Lydia Hearst is a Model/Actor/Writer/Artist, she's also "not one to be summed up or categorized too easily." She recently joined twitter, following in the footsteps of older sis Gillian (above).

    Peter Davis - @PeterDavisNYC: The editor at large of Paper Magazine is, admittedly, better at updating his Facebook wall than his twitter feed. Alas, we still think there's time, and we want to make sure we're there when he gets really rolling on twitter.

    Ivanka Trump - @IvankaTrump: It was the marriage of the year. And, when we wanted to have an "in" on what the Kushner/Trumps were up to, we all turned to Ivanka's twitter feed. Ivanka is quite the young entrepreneur, but reading her twitter feed gives you an inside look at her "normal" life of shopping at Whole Foods and making pea soup for the husband.

    Tinsley Mortimer - @tinsleymortimer: If you're expecting to follow Tinsley to hear all about her reality tv show escapades, don't.  She has only tweeted ONCE, and it's not very insightful. Still, it's the Tinz.

    Byrdie Bell - @ByrdieBell: This girl-about-town is also an aspiring actress. You may expect her tweets to bore you, but they are surprisingly sometimes funny. They're also daily, which means you can keep up with this young socialite hour by hour.

    Lake Bell - @lakebell For being raised in a "comically dysfunctional family," Bell seem to have things on the right track. This week, her latest film, "It's Complicated" premiered to rave reviews.  Follow her and her journey to stardom.

    Claire Bernard- @ClaireBernard: Unsure of who Claire is? Let's look for her Twitter Bio for clues: "I do stuff with nonprofits and words, then I watch TV." One thing she has in common with everyone else on this list, she is a friend and retweeter of Derek Blaseberg (top), that has to stand for something right?

    Andrew Bevan - @Bevansburg: He made the GofG Hottest Bachelor List last month and this Teen Vogue editor loves to keep us informed on his whereabouts via Twitter (though he has admittedly been slacking off a bit with his tweets).

    Marjorie Gubelman - @VieLuxe: The founder and CEOP of Vie Luxe International has a lot of friends, and a busy social calendar. From where to buy your candles (Saks), to lunches with pal Tory Burch, let Gubelmann be your guide into the UES.

    Tory Burch -@toryburch: Tory Burch redefined the way we look at ballet flats. Now, she has a team of hundreds making sure that her brand out lives the trend. From benefits to store openings, to trick or treat photos with her boys, Tory is all about Twitter.

    Charlotte Ronson - @cjronson: Saying this playful designer has quite the eclectic lifestyle is an understatement. With an artistic family (her mom Ann Dexter-Jones, brother Mark Ronson and twin sister Samantha) and loads of famous friends (Shoshanna Lonstein-Gruss, Nicole Richie, Lily Allen, and Lindsay Lohan) she is moving forward as the ultimate trendsetter. Move with her.

    Katie Lee Joel - @KatieLeeKitchen: The famous chef with a penchant for burgers is tweeting her way through food land, and is letting her twitter followers in on every detail of it. She'll answer your cooking questions, as well as ask some of her own. All in all it feels very....comfortable.