Peter Davis Goes Over The Preggers Pose

by Rachelle Hruska · September 26, 2008

    [Chessy Wilson; Kathryn Neale and Sam Shaffer; Spencer Morgan and Alexis Bryan Images via PaperMag via PMc]

    We have noticed various socials like Chessy Wilson and Bryce Gruber out and about with their bumps. With the news of Minnie Mortimer's expectancy, along with Tatianna Platt's, we will be looking to seeing even more baby bumps this fall. Leave it to Peter Davis to highlight the official "Preggers Pose", one arm across the tummy, similar to the arm on hip pose perfected by Tinsley Mortimer and copied by Julia Allison, this pose is best for making the arms look slimmer for the cameras.

    From Peter:

    "With so many slim socials going from a sample size 0 to a size bun in the oven, the preggers pose is the new rage when getting your pic snapped by Patrick McMullan. Just look at these recent pics of knocked-up knockouts Chessy Wilson, Alexis Bryan and Kathryn Neale. Cradle that tummy of love!"