Socialite Melissa Berkelhammer Demands To Be Treated Like Royalty, Have Non-Lumpy Soup

by Mara Siegler · June 1, 2011

    Melissa Berkelhammer had a meltdown at the Southampton Inn this past Monday morning, reports Page Six. She caused so much ruckus she disturbed The Real Housewives of New Jersey's Kim Granatell, a woman known for screaming and flipping tables, to the point where the cops were called.  What the heck happened?

    The Ivy-league grad, Huffington Post blogger, and generally friendly, unpretentious girl apparently had a problem with not being treated like a Princess. She decided the best way to remedy the situation and prove she should be treated like an elegant member of the ruling class was to scream at the top of her lungs until after 2am. She was (allegedly) heard shouting "I deserve to be driven around like royalty!"

    We're not buying this story.

    Earlier in the day, Melissa had attended supermodel Jessica White's Angel Wings Foundation event at Georgica (See pics HERE) where she was picked up by a gold BMW. This luxury car sounds pretty great to those like you and I, but Melissa was reportedly expecting a vintage car. So she was, um, understandably upset? We have a feeling this isn't the real reason.

    Another speculation is that Melissa was actually angry that "she arrived too late to a party on Deerfield Road attended by Paris Hilton."

    This information all comes from Kim, a woman whose past behavior includes crashing Danielle Staub's birthday at Scores and trying to attract attention in any way possible. She tells the paper:

    "She ruined my night. I've never heard anything like I heard last night. It went on for hours,"

    and claims she also heard Melissa screaming at her mother JoEllen:

    "I want soup that doesn't have lumps in it."

    For those of you who can't remember which crazy housewife Kim is, here she is 3rd from the left at Snooki's birthday party at Pacha.

    Melissa has said none of the story is true " aside from attending White's party, the argument and the police coming," and that she is still upset by the death last year of her father, Edward Berkelhammer.

    "I didn't do anything," Berkelhammer told us. "I was crying. For God's sake, people have a right to cry. This particular weekend I was feeling bad about losing him." She denied demanding her mother fetch her soup. Instead, JoEllen went to McDonald's at 6:30 a.m. Monday for Egg McMuffins."

    When it comes to Kim's word vs Melissa's, we are solidly on the side of Melissa. She's been through a lot and should be allowed to mourn without others trying to exploit it for their own publicity.

    Page Six seems to have it out for Melissa. Last November, she made their pages with the headline, "Melissa Berkelhammer recovers after friends feared suicide following facebook post," which turned out to be nothing more than Melissa feeling sad about someone making a snide comment about her being invited to a Google Fashion event in Soho and stating on a social network she felt the normal reaction of rejection when someone is needlessly a jerk to you.

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