Time was running out for Brooke Astor’s son…

by guestofaguest · November 28, 2007


    [Anthony D. Marshall, Source: NYTimes]

    Brooke Astor's son Anthony D. Marshall has surrendered to face 16 counts of criminal charges.  The District Attorney had the following to say:

    “Marshall...took advantage of Mrs. Astor’s diminished mental capacity in a scheme to defraud her and others out of millions of dollars...Marshall abused his power of attorney and convinced Mrs. Astor to sell property by falsely telling her that she was running out of money. He is charged with stealing money from her as well as stealing valuable art work from her Park Avenue apartment.”

    What this of course boils down to is that Mrs. Astor lived too damn long!  Her son is 83 and wanted to enjoy his inheritance.  Under the supposed will, her son was to receive 7% of the estate per year.  Simple math means he would get the entire estate in 15 years (making him close to 100).

    You can't do too much with hundreds of millions of dollars at 100 aside from getting new dentures, an awesome wheelchair, and multiple rubs and massages from aids and nurses.   Nope, Anthony wanted to live the high life now while he was 83 years young (80 is the new 60 right?).  well Anthony look on the bright side, now you'll be getting a massage in Club Fed.