Will Arpad Busson Be The Next Social Businessman To Come Under Fire?

by Rachelle Hruska · January 5, 2009

    [Engaged couple Uma Thurman and Arpad "Arki" Busson. Photo via The Evening Standard]

    First came love (with Elle McPherson), then no marriage, then two babies in the baby carriage. Second came Uma, then poor dilligence, then $500 million+ loss from investor negligence?  Enter Arpad "Arki" Busson.

    With all the spotlight currently being pointed on Walter Noel, it seems like it's only a matter of time before people start to look at other socialite businessmen that sold Madoff products.  These global jetsetters, once James Bond-esque financial pitchmen that every man wanted to be and every woman wanted to be with, are starting to look pretty negligent. Moreover, Busson in particular is as well known if not better known for his women and social skills than his financial acumen.  It was his socializing the raised much of his money, and perhaps also what led to no one watching the safe:

    Busson then started to make a good deal of money after he studied how to invest on behalf of others. He also drew on the example of his parents, whose social circle is said to have included princesses and maharajahs. [Wikipedia]