Why Is Eli Manning Always In A Stupor?

by Stanely Stuyvesant · January 21, 2008

    Eli Manning

    Why does New York Giant's quaterback Eli Manning always look completely out of it? Whenever the camera pans on him, he appears dazed, confused, and befuddled. It's almost as if he is a savant quarterback, capable of delivering precision passes and running plays capable of beating the Greenbay Packers, and not much else. In fact, Eli sober doesn't look all that much different than Eli drunk.

    Eli Manning Drunk

    That being said, Eli and the Giants pulled off a nail-biter last night against Greenbay, despite the subzero temperatures, and lacking home field advantage. But did anyone else get annoyed by the constant camera pans on Archie Manning (Eli and Peyton's father), and the praise lavished upon him by the patronizing announcers? They try to play him up as some great legacy quarterback, who had an amazing record.

    In reality, Archie has the WORST record of any NFL starting quarterback with over 100 starts (winning only 26.3% of games played). He never had a winning season on any team that he played on. If you were to play a drinking game, where you took a shot each time the announcers fawned over Archie last night, you probably would have been as drunk as Eli in the picture above.