New York's Yankees and Mets: Another Subway Series Come to a Close

by COLLEEN KROPP · June 30, 2008

    yankee stadiumUnless both New York teams make it to the World Series – the Yankees saw their last time playing in Shea Stadium last night as they wrapped up the weekend Subway Series. Beginning with a double-header on Friday, the day-game being played in the Bronx before heading over to Flushing for the night game, the Yankees faced an insufferable loss that they overturned hours later.

    Like the last Subway Series, rain was a factor – while no games were called, Saturday's game saw delays (I was there – trust me, the field literally gave rise to streams, maybe even a few tributaries) but the skies eventually cleared and the Yankees secured another away win over the Mets. The intense rivalry continued into the following day, this time the Yankees facing a loss. Fortunately, it wasn't anything like Friday's 15-6 lopsided victory for the Mets, but still – a loss is a loss – and when it comes to the Subway Series, there is no mercy from either side.

    With this weekend in the past, the Yankees have their other (and even bigger) rival to look forward too over the holiday – Boston. As for me - I look forward to taking my seat in the bleachers and soaking up the intensity.

    [Photo by Justin Ferrone]