No A-Bombs From A-Rod At The Home Run Derby

by COLLEEN KROPP · July 2, 2008

    Alex RodriguezThe Home Run Derby that is to be held this month in Yankee Stadium (a whole other part of "The Final Season" tribute before moving next-door) will be lacking at least one star –Yankee third baseman Alex Rodriguez. A lot of players feel that participating in the Home Run Derby has the undesired capacity to affect their swing for the rest of the season.

    While A-Rod would be an assumed choice for the Derby, he has officially opted out, leaving one to ponder how the Derby would be different with his participation and the others who have declined.

    Regardless, I don't hold it against him or any of the others – why take one day of glory and fun when the aftermath will just result in swing-demise? The Yankees really can't afford to have another handicap…