Serena Williams Gets Ready To Play Venus By Dinning At The Waverly Inn

by Stanely Stuyvesant · September 3, 2008

    Serena and Oracene Williams

    Will Serena and Oracene soon be watching Venus in the Semifinals?

    With tonight's much anticipated quarterfinal U.S. Open match between sisters Serena and Venus Williams, there is a lot of talk in the press about each others differing preparations. For example:

    They often practise together. Not this time...Later, the side-by-side training sessions done, the sisters caught separate rides away from Flushing Meadows. As Serena walked alone to the parking lot, checking for text messages on her pink cellphone...[Canadian Press]

    So where did Serena end up last night for her pre-match carbo load? At the Waverly Inn of course.

    Venus Williams, however, was nowhere to be seen. Neither was Richard. It was Serena and her mom Oracene (Brandy) chowing down.  So does Serena know something that Venus doesn't?  We'll know soon enough, ruff!