Sweetest Moments From The World Cup

by Chiara Atik · July 12, 2010

    We love love loved every second of World Cup 2010. Of course, we have our favorite moments from on the field (Donovan's Goal, the Ghana Uruguay PKs), but here are some of the sweetest moments from off the pitch. (Warning: If you tear up easily, maybe don't watch at work?)

    1. Bill Clinton At The Games

    Bill Clinton sharing a beer with Carlos Bocanegra after a game; Bill Clinton chilling with Mick Jagger in the stands like it's no big thang, Bill Clinton standing up and cheering for the USA like a proud Dad. Every time we saw the goofy former President this WC, we couldn't help but think "Awww....Bill Clinton!"


    2. Iker Casillas' Victorious Kiss

    Spain's Iker Casillas' reporter girlfriend tried to interview him after the World Cup, but the goalkeeper was a bit befuddled and emotional, so he swooped in for a romantic kiss instead. Sigh.

    3. Uruguayan Players Celebrate Victory Over Ghana

    Uruguay had a lot to celebrate this World Cup: they made it to the semi-finals for the first time ever, and striker Diego Forlan won the tournament's Golden Ball award just this morning. Not bad for a country with a population of 3 million!

    Below is a video that Forlan himself uploaded onto his YouTube account and then tweeted: it's an intimate look at the Uruguayan team celebrating their success over Ghana at the hotel in South Africa.

    4.  The Queen Visits The Locker Room

    After the Spanish Victory, Queen Sofia of Spain made an unexpected visit to the locker room. As a Gawker commentator points out, the boys look both pleased and slightly embarrassed by the Queen's visit, kicking away bottles and clothes that are sprawled across the floor. Carles Puyol is caught the most off-guard--he enters the room midway, with only a towel wrapped around his waist.

    5. Paul The Octopus Is 8 for 8!

    Good lord, did that Octopus ever have a good run! He persevered against death threats and high pressure to come out with a perfect record. That'll do, octopus...that'll do.

    6. Jong Tae Se Cries During National Anthem

    Jong Tae Se is a Forward for Korea and he completely lost it during the National Anthem. Looking at this makes US cry, too! For those naysayers who say the World Cup promotes unhealthy feelings of nationalism, take a look at this video: the World Cup promotes patriotism.


    7. America Got In The Game

    America got in the game this year, in more ways than one. Sure, our team advanced to the knockout round for the first time ever. But more importantly, Americans took notice of the World Cup like never before. Take a look at this, frankly amazing,  video from Huff Po.

    We'll see you in 2014.