The Best Bar To Watch The Masters In NYC This Weekend

by Stephanie Maida · April 7, 2017

    Whether you're right up there with our golfer-in-chief when it comes to your favorite sport, or just looking for a party that's sure to be filled with guys who can tee up with your dad (a.k.a. marriage material), FISHBOWL at the Dream Midtown is the place to be this weekend. The newish after-work spot is amping up its already activity-filled atmosphere this Saturday for a special fête in celebration of the 2017 PGA Masters tournament.

    The viewing party is set to be a putter's dream, featuring a mini-golf, skee-ball, and bowling competition, where winners will receive that iconic Green Blazer as well as $500 (!!!) in credit to the lounge. Not to mention the Tiger Woods Bloody Mary with, ahem, crabs. Hey, even the most deathly bored golf viewer can appreciate that. 

    Festivities kick off Saturday, April 8, at 2 pm and are open to the public, so get your game on.

    FISHBOWL at Dream Midtown, 210 West 55th Street