You know how you have that time of the month where you get really irritable and consume copious amounts of food? Obviously, you do. It's PMS. Well, for guys, they have that month of the year when they do the same thing. Only they aren't doing this because of hormones and biology or whatever, they're doing this because of March Madness. That's right. They'll sit on their ass for days on end, pigging out on GrubHub, and acting like little bitches over their failed brackets. I got kicked off the basketball team because some b*tch ratted me out for drinking in the girl's bathroom during winter formal when I was 16 (what's good, Hilary Holmes?), so my knowledge about basketball is limited. Luckily for you, I utilized my handy dandy iPhone contacts as well as my Tinder matches and asked guys to help give me the lowdown on March Madness.

[Photo via @kuhoops]