The GofG Guide To The Super Bowl 2011

by Elina Mishuris · February 6, 2011

    From die-hard football fans to fair-weather followers who rely on alliteration and grade-school geography to remember which team is which, there will be no shortage of New York City revelers this weekend for the 45th Annual Super Bowl. Keep reading for the best sports mania the city has to offer for February 6th.

    First, be careful. A recent post by the San Francisco Gate warns that the stress and snacks of an average Super Bowl party has Heart Attack written all over it. [SFGate]

    Where: Kettle of Fish

    Why: Dylan drank here, Kerouac drank here (… where didn’t they drink?), and 61 years after this Village institution first opened, you can drink here still - surrounded by the largest collection of Packers memorabilia anywhere outside of the team’s locker room.

    Who: Green Bay Packers fans, friends of Green Bay Packers fans…aspiring Green Bay Packers fans?

    Where: Hibernia

    Why: Can’t think of anything you like less than being surrounded by adults rocking cheese hats? Hell’s Kitchen pub Hibernia, well-established as the local Steelers headquarters, will happily cater to your Packers-hate and your burger-hunger. Oh, and your giant-projector-screen yearning, too! Don't miss a kick, don't miss a catch, don't miss a pour.

    Who: Steelers fans, darts enthusiasts, gastro-pub disparagers, people who aren't doing similar things at Brass Monkey

    Where: Professor Thom's

    Why: You’re not feeling too strongly about either team, or football in general, but this year you’d like to try out this whole sports-fan thing, preferably in an atmosphere of conviviality, where the largest frat boy isn’t really that large – more massively cuddly than actively menacing.

    Who: Recent college grads – nostalgia; people who went to college in New York - novelty

    Where: Donatella's D Bar

    Why: Bear with us a second. If the Jets success boils down to cornerback Darelle Revis, he deserves a drink, right? And since he's in Texas, and you're in New York, and you're seriously considering how you'd go about buying him a drink; right now, you've probably already had one or two drinks yourself. Right? Excellent: have another.  The Revis Island cocktail at D Bar, to be precise. With absinthe, brandy, cachaca, and a fruity finish, it'll even sweeten defeat - but who's planning on losing?

    Who: Everybody.

    Where: Maialino, at the Gramercy Park Hotel

    Why: Because this little piggy wants (perversely) the Pig Skin Classic: a piglet al forno, with a side of rosemary-roasted potatoes.

    Who: Gourmands/foodies, non-watchers of the Super Bowl

    [Image via Daily NewsMidtown LunchLost Girls World, Examiner]