Train Station Turned Bowling Alley: Grand Central Receives Temporary Makeover

by Diana Graham · August 1, 2011

    Do you like to bowl? I assuredly do not. But I wouldn't mind seeing Grand Central Terminal turned into a bowling alley for a couple days, which is exactly what's happening beginning August 3rd.

    DNAinfo reports that Grand Central's Vanderbilt Hall will play host to the 14th Annual Teen Masters' Bowling Championship this Wednesday and Thursday. An estimated several hundred spectators will witness eight of the best teen bowlers in the country compete for $64,000 in college scholarship money. The hall will be converted into a full-length lane, complete with stands for onlookers. Previous tournaments have been held at locations such as Universal Studios and Las Vegas' Fashion Show Mall.


    If I know anything about New Yorkers, I suspect most commuting to and from work will find this a nuisance more than anything else but personally I think it'll be cool to see the space used in such a unique way. Will you check it out?


    Unfortunately, you won't be able to bowl at the pop-up alley in Grand Central due to the fact that you're neither a teenager nor any good. Happily, however, our city boasts a number of cool bowling alleys for commoners. Here are our favorites:

    Lucky Strike - 42nd St & 12th Ave

    Bowlmor - Times Square, Union Square

    Frames - 40th St & 9th Ave

    300 New York - 23rd St & West Side Hwy

    The Gutter - Brooklyn, 200 North 14th St

    Brooklyn Bowl - Brooklyn, 61 Wythe Ave

    Just remember: no dresses or short skirts, ladies. And yes, you're going to have to wear the bowling shoes. Unless, of course, you're Kim Kardashian or any one of these other fine young women.

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