Yankee Stadium And The All-Star Game

by COLLEEN KROPP · July 16, 2008

    yankees all-star gameIt's almost fitting that the longest All-Star Game in MLB history was played during the Final Season at Yankee Stadium. With the National League losing at the bottom of the fifteenth, the game running just under five hours, it is not a game that will soon be forgotten...

    While we all can (and must) acknowledge the deep-seeded rivalry between the Yankees and the Red Sox, for one night members from each American League team were brought together in the same dugout. Why, then, was Red Sox pitcher, Jonathan Papelbon so fervently booed when he came out on the mound? And was this American League team dissent amongst fans warranted?

    Absolutely. Papelbon, though he later tried to pull himself out of his own entanglement of words and stupidity, did in fact comment that he should be the closer for the game over Yankees' Mariano Rivera. Papelbon tried to defend himself, indicating that was not his intent. But for what its worth, regardless of the Yanks and Sox having to come together in the All-Star Game, Papelbon set himself up for the ire thrown at him by those in the stands.