Your "World Series Bronx Bombers" Drinking Game

by ERIC UGLAND · October 28, 2009

    YankeesNovember baseball is here, and our New York Yankees have made it into the World Series. What better way to enjoy the games than playing along with the boys in pinstripe with our exclusive Bronx Bombers Drinking Game. May we humbly suggest you play at the Yankee Tavern or Stan's Sports Bar, both noted Yankees drinking establishments.

    For this drinking game, we recommend Beer as the beverage of choice. (Whiskey makes for a fun, but short, game).

    The Bronx Bombers Drinking Game:

    One drink for every Philly out

    One drink for every Yankee hit

    Four drinks for each error

    Waterfall home runs

    Drink your whole beer and cheer when Jimmy Rollins strikes out

    Every time you see Kate Hudson, take a drink from the person on your left.

    If color man Michael Kay utters one his famous "-ims" ("fallacy of the predetermined outcome", "rally in their bones", "tying a record held by many", et. al) take a drink

    If Don Mattingly, Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, Reggie Jackson, Yogi Berra, Jackie Robinson, Joe Dimaggio, or Lou Gehrig is mentioned, two drinks.

    If you see the "Bleacher Creatures", three drinks

    When the Yankees win, finish your drink. If they lose, buy another round. You'll need it.