Amazon Alexa Can Basically Brine Your Turkey For You

by Jina Huh · November 22, 2017

    Thanksgiving confession: I have no idea how to brine a turkey! You too? Well, it's A-okay because Morton Salt launched a free Amazon Alexa skill to alleviate the stress of trying to brine for a juicy turkey! 

    The free skill is available on Amazon Echo, and also to all Amazon Prime users via the Amazon app. To find, search for “Morton Brine Time”; or say, “Alexa, enable Morton Brine Time.” Watch this video, or go to Amazon Marketplace to learn more. 

    The Morton Brine Time skill for Amazon Alexa will be your little helper in the kitchen, ready and able to answer common questions about brining. It also has for you: brining recipes with ingredient quantities customized to the size of a turkey; suggestions for additional flavors to enhance wet or dry brines. The skill is like a personal guide: You can ask questions like, “Alexa, ask Morton Brine Time why I should brine” and “Alexa, ask Morton Brine Time for a wet brine recipe." Trust us, your guests will thank you. No one will be salty about your bird this year.

    [Photo via Getty]