Summer Roberts may have saved Chrismukkah, but even she can't save you from Thanksgiving. Why's that? Because awkward tension is as much of a holiday tradition as the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade and shitty traffic. Also because Summer Roberts doesn't exist because, unfortunately, The O.C. isn't real life (my shrink keeps having to remind me of this). At least you won't have to juggle having two girls that you're crushing on at your Thanksgiving dinner, pretend to like your grandfather's gold-digger girlfriend who is a third his age, or visit your incarcerated brother in prison with your sadsack girlfriend who is a bottomless pit of hopelessness and daddy issues that no amount of psychotropics and retail therapy can cure!!

Because, like I said, The O.C. is not real life. 

Anyway, here are some time-honored interactions at Thanksgiving that we have to grin and bear through every year! 

Also, gentle reminder that the eleven year anniversary of Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody's breakup is on December 4th! Holiday season is in full swing!

[Photo via The O.C.]