Have Five Minutes And Five Bucks? Donate To Cholera Relief In Haiti

by Chiara Atik · November 24, 2010

    We're thankful for many things today, not least of which is the fact that the only time we've encountered cholera has been while playing Oregon Trail. This morning, as many of us travel home for the holidays, new reports from Haiti say that "hundreds of thousands" may be affected by the cholera outbreak in Haiti.-

    Cholera is an easily treatable disease that is spreading at an alarming rate in Haiti due to the lack of drinkable water.

    Haiti has had a pretty rough go of it this year, so if you feel like you're in a position to donate, let us help you with your research!

    The American Red Cross

    The Red Cross accepts donations for "Disaster Relief For Countless Crises", including hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and, presumably, cholera. They have a minimum donation amount of $10, and will keep you updated on their efforts via text, if you'd like.

    Go HERE to donate.

    Doctors Without Borders (MSF)

    MSF is an international medical humanitarian organization that delivers emergency aid to people affected by disasters.

    If you go to the MSF website right now, there's a huge and urgent call for all doctors and nurses to step up their actions. One of the major criticisms of the relief efforts in Haiti has been a hesitancy to decide on a specific course of action, and the head of MSF is fervently speaking out against this. They're desperately looking for medical professionals and logisticians to help.

    Go HERE to donate ($5 minimum)

    Direct Relief International

    Direct Relief International has focused all of its efforts and resources on the cholera outbreak in Haiti. They're sending supplies by air and by sea, coordinating with government officials, and analyzing the needs of the nearly 20 cholera centers that have been set up so far.

    According to Direct Relief, the major things needed are IVs, Saline, Bleach, and oral rehydration solution. Your donations will go to providing these items. Additionally, Direct Relief is the only site that allows you to designate your donation specifically to Haitian Cholera relief.

    Go HERE to donate (no minimum)

    And, because there's always much to be done at home as well, keep in mind:

    New York City Food Bank

    New York Cares Coat Drive