Unplug to Reconnect

Social Media Cleanse This next step is for your own good! Spying on what your ex is posting is only going to drive you insane, so why torture yourself (unless you're a masochist). Unfollow, unfriend and block your ex from all your social media sites. This is not only going to help ease your mind and heart, but why should they be able to see what 'newly single' you is up to! Another thing to consider is if you also follow their friends, you don't need to have pictures or snaps of them popping up, making your heart stop. Even better, try a social media cleanse. Take the time to unplug so that you can reconnect with the most important person in your life, you! Set a time goal for yourself, sign out, delete the apps off your phone and just focus on making your heart, mind and soul healthier. We promise you will in fact feel more connected than ever not only to yourself, but to the most important people in your life. [Photo via @2k10changedlife]
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