The annual tug-of-war that is spring cleaning is in full swing. What to keep? What to pitch? The home- style minimalist push by Marie Kondo and other leading organizers has ratcheted up the pressure even more this season. The challenge is especially daunting for those in New York’s compact apartments. Throw in a few roommates and a growing collection of clothes, books and other personal items, and some may not even know where to start. 

For twenty-somethings, spring cleaning also presents a chance to create streamlining and organizational habits that can last them for a lifetime. And, because many are watching their budgets as they embark on professional careers, downsizing now also can produce financial rewards. They increasingly are selling unwanted home and clothing items on mobile marketplaces apps, such as 5miles, which conveniently shows secondhand goods for sale within a five-mile radius. As you kick off your spring-cleaning efforts in NYC, here are some other tips.

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