We’re all creatures of comfort. We relish the prospect of a shaded hammock or a soft leather chair, just as we praise soft clothing and nostalgic meals. And if there’s one place where we can experience the epitome of comfort, it’s our bedrooms. This is where we have to unwind—and it’s where we’re free to wear sweats and eat pancakes whenever we please, too. To make this room as cozy as possible, we seek out the right mattress and the softest sheets, and we carefully weigh the details of paint colors and accessories.

Nevertheless, there are some choices we may be making that are keeping our bedrooms from being as comfortable as possible. To steer us onto the correct track, Founder & CEO of Parachute Ariel Kaye and Founder & CEO of Bearaby Kathrin Hamm have shared their advice for ensuring that any sleeping space is as exhale-inducing as possible. Read on for their five tips.

Words by Kelly Dawson at Food52

[Photo via @parachutehome]