Oh, you breathe? Do you require food and water too? So you're familiar with Uber. The startup, which began only 6 years ago as UberCab in San Francisco - an app that made it possible to hail a cab from your smartphone - is now known simply as 'Uber' and it might as well be your firstborn's first word. Today, the service (available in over 66 countries and 449 cities worldwide) is the go-to method of transportation for anyone and everyone who's on-the-move. How do they do it? It’s due in part to a 1-5 star rating system that the company has in place, which gives drivers and passengers the opportunity to rate their ride. What happens when it gets too low you might ask - well, Uber can actually deactivate an account if someone is riding a consistent low-star rating. 

Hungover and hungry? Running late for that meeting? We're not saying you need to have a love affair with your Uber driver (you can if you want) but a bitchy attitude sure won’t help you get anywhere any faster. Want to be a superstar? This isn’t exactly a golden ticket to hollywood but it’ll help you get to the airport on time. 

[Photo via @evachen212]