Bartenders Reveal: What Your First Date Drink Says About You

A good first date first impression is almost as essential as a strong first-date-cocktail. Maybe you're tired of being the bad boy, and you really want to wow this girl with some newfound, genuine charm. Or, maybe you're sick of being given the girl-next-door treatment, and you're more interested in seeming every bit the sexy-siren this evening.

Either way, tons of consideration goes into the type of vibe you're trying to send. Once your outfit is picked, your meeting place secured, and your transportation arranged, it's time to move on to the promise land, otherwise known as the bar.

So, what do you order? We decided to leave this one up to the professionals and get some firsthand advice from a couple of bartenders who have seen it all.

Read on to see what your first date drink says about you.

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