Sunday is the day of worship: Christians go to church, Scientologists harass Leah Remini and Katie Holmes, and basic bitches everywhere make a pilgrimage to their mecca: brunch. Personally, my idea of a good brunch is getting sneaky drunk at Taco Bell and eating $20 worth of food from their breakfast menu, but sometimes my friends manage to bring me somewhere trendy.

In the event that one of your girlfriends drags you somewhere to drink mimosas and eat eggs Benedict, we created a little game of Bingo for you. There is no prize, because no one wins when they have to be within an earshot of a bunch of girls who wear Victoria's Secret and drink flavored Vodka even though they're over the age of 21. But at least this game makes it all the more bearable! Click through for basic bitch brunch bingo sheets to play with your friends!

[Photo via @taramilktea]