Box Wine... Making A Comeback?

by Sophie Russell · October 13, 2011

    Move over Franzia. There's a new game in boxed-wine town. Black Box, a new wine company, is trying to make boxed wine fashionable again. I don't know if it will ever be fashionable - but it's one of the cheapest, easiest ways to get a buzz on, which doesn't always add "classy" points.

    Although a brand not many have heard of, Black Box Wine is reinventing the previous conceptions about box wine. Many of us relate box wine to college days; a time where no one minded so much about the taste as long as it was good value, more of a time when how intoxicated you could get outweighed any concern for quality. Box wine is notoriously difficult to open and close, a bottle has a cork to remove and then a stopper, a box has a seal, something that already sounds less inviting; you should not be able to seal your bag of wine as you would a sandwich you were taking to work.

    Whether or not Black Box can re-invent the image and reputation of box wine remains to be seen, but if you're a wine drinker who likes to get more value for money and a longer shelf-life, Black Box is the perfect addition to your fridge.

    The Top Reasons Why Box Wine Is Making A Comeback

    1) Its Cheaper - Black Box Wine offers 3 liter boxes of wine for approximately $20, great value for money when many would pay that price for just one bottle.

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    2) It's Social - Tupperware parties were a thing of the 90's, for the 2010's, its all about the box wine taster party. Black Box offers people the chance to host blind tasting parties to get the word out that box wine is on its way back.


    You make the call...

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    3) 90s Party - Themed parties are always fun and box wine, reminding many of their college days, which could be considered a cool retro accessory to take to a party. It's all about the irony, right?

    4) Longer Shelf Life - Not only great value, Black Box uses bag-in-a-box packaging ensures the wine stays fresh for up to 4 weeks. So when you're done, store it right and enjoy it over a long period of time; you no longer have to polish off a bottle in a night!

    5) Convenient; Anytime, Anywhere - Whether you're going to a Winter picnic and want something to warm you up on the inside or you want to play a drinking game on the move, box wine is perfect as its easy to carry and therefore easily transportable; it's also the perfect addition to a protest if you feel like taking some merriment down to Wall Street.

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    A typical Franzia "easy acces - no cup" action...

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