For artist, illustrator and author Cathy Graham, every breakfast, lunch, dinner and tea party - no matter how small - presents itself the perfect opportunity to indulge her notoriously creative spirit. You'll find no last minute sad bodega arrangements here, that's for sure.

"I love everything about arranging, from the scent of the flowers, to the feel of the stems, to playing with colors and shapes. I always gravitate to what is in season as the main flower to build an arrangement. For example, Fall would be dahlias, which I love mixing with herbs and roses."

With a penchant for whimsical, playful, innovative displays, Cathy takes a simple tablescape setting to divine heights, draping leafy strands from a chandelier, painting elaborate patterns with individual buds, and more. "My best tables are unconventional and spur of the moment," she says, "like when I glue fresh vegetables to the table or suspend vintage toys or figurines from the ceiling. I add personal touches like old toys, vegetables, or miniatures hanging from the ceiling but try not to go overboard; I like to think of it as an elegant yet restrained PeeWee’s Playhouse."

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[Photos courtesy Cathy Graham]