Out with the old and in with... the old? If it feels like everyone on your feed has been filling up their homes with funky vintage pieces lately, well, that's because they are. Since the pandemic-driven boom in redecorating, Instagram resellers specializing in unique, pre-loved finds have shot up in popularity. Without the hassle of scouring estate sales yourself, or having to schlep to a showroom, shopping on social media is not only convenient, but also kind of fun. You see an item on your feed and you get the same thrill rushing to the DMs as you would tracking your eBay bid, usually without the waiting game. So if you need some motivation to get on with your spring cleaning and clearing, follow these NYC-area accounts for one-of-a-kind furnishings and homewares you'll want to make room for. 

[Photo via @humblehousebrooklyn]