Dave's World

by STEPHANIE WEI · August 28, 2008


    Some of you may recognize and know David X Prutting as the man behind the camera. Well, we're going to show you the real side of Dave and turn the cameras on him.

    One will encounter Dave at all the hot events, benefits, and soirees, snapping away for your pictures that will then be posted on PMc and increase your popularity on FameGame. We all love Dave because he makes us look good, but if you look a little closer, he also seizes the moment; he brings out our personalities and quirks; and sees our character through the lenses.

    Dave enjoys the simple things in life. Perhaps what some people would call mundane. In Dave's World, you'll see that he has a special knack for creating something out of nothing. His mantra explains his ingenuity. He's inspired by comedy, nature, the ocean, little acts of rebellion, saving a bluebird, interesting people and...well the list goes on and on. It's cool to stop and smell the roses.

    Dave has a special eye for making the most out of life.  Some people are consumed with control, security and status, but those things are insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Life's too short to focus solely on the transitory. Take a peak into Dave's World - you might learn a thing or two, get a good laugh, or see a new perspective.