Planetary shifts aside (you're killing me, mercury retrograde!), nature really does seem to affect human behavior. Case in point: the sudden rush of romance once the cold weather hits. 

"Yes, cuffing season is real," says relationship expert Rori Sassoon, who co-owns upscale matchmaking agency Platinum Poire. "People like stability and security and they get lonely and bored especially as winter sets in. They are getting back into the routine after the summer and looking for a standard operating partner to 'Netflix and chill' with."

You might notice the craving to be cuffed in the dude you went on one date with from Hinge, who's suddenly asking about your holiday plans, or you might notice it in yourself, who suddenly isn't freaked out by the idea of cuddling. Besides, of course, the evolutionary idea that partnering up in the winter will literally keep you warm, Rori points to familial and social pressures of having a date for the holidays or a secured New Year's kiss. 

It all doesn't sound so bad, but the biggest Cuffing Season caveat is that once the air defrosts, so too does your relationship. Now that's not to say that every new romance formed between the months of October and January is doomed to be a fling, but how do you know the difference? 

Allow us to break it down for you.