Feeling A Bit Unhappy?

by SAMANTHA QUEEN · March 21, 2008

    gifts.jpgA recent study by researchers at the University of British Columbia and Harvard Business School suggests that spending money on others can significantly boost happiness. So, for just $5 per day, you can be happier. Now, people have told me that the going rate for psychotherapy is around $100/week and a prescription for antidepressants can cost … a lot. Clearly, spending $5/day on someone else is the more efficient route to happiness. And think of what a better world it would be if everyone received daily presents! Or gave $5/day to their favorite charities! It really is a wonderful concept. In fact, I intend to print copies of the executive summary to give to any men that I happen to date. In that spirit, here is a list of 20 gift ideas for $5-$25.

    1. Coffee beverages. Always appreciated 2. Flowers 3. A CD 4. Concert tickets 5. Stripes, the Long Eared Bunny 6. Street jewelry 7. Candles. Get your fill at Sixth Sense. Also, Voyages Immobiles by Esteban may be the best smelling candles ever. 8. A fitting card 9. A DVD. Or up to five DVDs, if buying bootlegs. Or up to two DVDs, if buying in Duane Reade. 10. Socks 11. Fun food. Try E.A.T. I recently bought someone raspberry habanero jam. Feelin’ better already. 12. Wine, beer, liquor, or barware 13. A T-shirt or tank 14. Fine bath products. Try something from Aphrodesia Herb Shoppe, Sabon, or check out The Bathroom (I highly recommend Lollia products). 15. Chocolate. Michel Cluziel 85% dark – Best. Chocolate. Ever. 16. Local art. Brooklyn is full of it. 17. Drugs 18. Kitch and coffee table books. Try Alphabets, Urban Outfitters, MoMA Store, or Air Market. 19. A mug. I love mugs. 20. Journals, sketchbooks, and other art supplies for the creative among us.