Fleur du Mal's Jennifer Zuccarini On The Secrets To Feeling Like Your Sexiest Self

by Stephanie Maida · February 11, 2021

    If you, like us, have defaulted to sweatpants and messy buns for most of the past year, chances are you might need a little refresher when it comes to feeling like your sexiest self. Whether you've got a big Valentine's date night coming up, or are simply seeking to tap into your inner goddess (for your own damn self), who better to inspire you than the CEO of Seduction, Jennifer Zuccarini?

    The founder of luxury lingerie and clothing favorite Fleur du Mal has made a career of empowering women, from her bold and perfectly risqué designs to silky and slightly more subtle loungewear that recalls Old Hollywood glamour. When it comes to Fleur du Mal, confidence practically comes in the package. Here are Jennifer's secrets to making the most of it...

    What are some of your favorite ways to primp & pamper to hype yourself up before a big night (or every night!)?
    I would start with a workout that day to get my energy up and my blood flowing, which always makes you look and feel better. Get your heart racing in advance so to speak. If I really want to do it up and look fresh, I might apply a quick sheet mask. When it’s time to get ready, put on some music to get in the mood, I like something I would dance to. I might also have a little glass of wine or a cocktail while I do my makeup and get dressed. I think just the ritual of getting ready helps set the stage for a fun night.

    What do you think is the key to self-confidence? 
    I would say loving yourself, but we know that’s not always easy… Try making a list of things to get yourself in a great frame of mind before a big night. That might be talking to your best friend, or watching something funny, wearing something that makes you feel amazing, meditating. Whatever that is, if you’re happy you will naturally exude confidence - and nothing is sexier than that.

    What are a few of your favorite Fleur du Mal pieces for a V-Day date night?
    For V-day I would definitely take it up a notch and go for a set with a garter belt like our new Frankie lace collection, or for something a bit more risqué, our Strappy Silk Bondage styles. Even a little slip dress can be very alluring if you don’t feel comfortable in a 3-piece lingerie set.

    What about for a single gal's night in? 
    Our luxe Silk Pajamas are so chic and comfortable, also our new washable Silk sleepwear collection is perfect for lounging at home but also cute enough for an unexpected FaceTime.

    What's a little luxury (besides gorgeous lingerie) that every woman should treat themselves to?
    A captivating fragrance. Smell is our most powerful sense, it can make you feel more seductive, uplift your spirits, or calm you down. It’s a small luxury you can give yourself every day

    When in doubt...
    bet on red ;)