Freeze Tag Time In Battery Park

by Rachelle Hruska · October 7, 2008

    "In honor of the premiere screening for THE CHASING WORLD, we’re putting on the wildest game of freeze tag you’ve ever seen in New York City."

    So reads the email from the New York-Tokyo film festival.  I think all of the wall-streeters should head over to Battery Park tomorrow at 5:00 and partake in this the very least it will bring you back to your youthful, carefree days and for an hour or so make you forget about that lost 401k.  For rules read below:

    "The rules are simple. There are five people who are the chasers, dressed in black. Everyone else is the prey- running away and trying not to be captured. Once tagged, you sit and wait to be let free by someone else who’s still alive. The last five win bragging rights and some sweet surprises.

    Wed. Oct. 08 - 5:00pm, Battery Park, $0 Meet at the Castle Clinton National Monument

    Afterwards, we’ll be heading up to the US premiere screening of THE CHASING WORLD, to watch how a real game of tag would be played- if the price were really your life. It’s not too late, however, to grab your tickets here."