Friday Slack-Off Laugh Time

by LAUREN BELSKI · February 29, 2008


    A friend directed me to this fine internet footage by emerging comedian Rachel Feinstein the other day.  So, if you are feeling a little, ahh, brain dead this Friday, and want a bit of hilarity to invade your vacant mind, spend a few minutes feasting your zombie eyes on this reenactment of a very special Thanksgiving Dinner.  Feinstein plays all of the characters—her mother, mother-in-law, and grandmother. And after a hearty chuckle I have only two after thoughts to report:

    I thought blogging was fun, but I think people who get to wear wigs to work have one up on me. 

    I hope when I’m thirty, my mama tells me all about the story of how she almost—but didn’t—abort me.  Fweh.