Put on your big girl panties, girls (and boys). There comes a point when writing your to-do list on the back of last night’s receipt becomes a childish no-no and offering coffee to guests in recycled beer pitchers turns up the noses of those older and wiser. So when it hits you, or when a fed up friend hits you, the news that you are in fact no longer a couch-surfing, nocturnal partying LYT - little young thing, that is - there is only one thing left to do...get-it-to-geth-er. Now, bid farewell. So long gone are the days in which short skirts are acceptable in mid-winter temps and mornings are welcomed with Advil and a snoozing of blaring alarms. Sayonara. Oh, and spread the word to all the fuccbois out there... they’re probably definitely past their maturity due date. Grow up and goodbye to all that.

[Photo via @annawithlove, @janicelombardidesigns]