Happy Birthday Kelly Cutrone!!

by Rachelle Hruska · November 13, 2008

    Kelly CutroneKelly Cutrone

    Me: "Hello?" Kelly: "Hi is Rachelle there?" Me: "Uh, This is her...." Kelly: "Oh hey this is Kelly, I saw your message on facebook*, how's your day going?' Me: "um, Kelly?**" Kelly: "Yeah, Kelly Cutrone from People's Revolution." Me: "Oh wow, thank you so much for calling me!" Kelly: "No problem it's easier to get in touch with me than you thought huh?"

    Thus began what I hope to be a fruitful relationship with the one and only Kelly Cutrone.

    More story and photos below:

    Kelly CutroneSteve Lewis has raved about her to me for years, I see her at Martignetti's all the time, and of course, who doesn't know about the "Dark Angel of The Hills"? The thing with Kelly is, she's so much cooler than you could ever imagine. Like really. She is the reason I love calling New York home, an inspiration to any young business woman that moved here from "the middle of nowhere." Kelly knows her shit, she's already lived at least five lives, and she 'aint afraid to tell you like it is, which is why, we are hoping that this hands-on PR Maven's birthday today is as chic as she is.

    *That facebook message was an inquiry I sent to a couple famous New Yorkers on their reactions to the Presidential Elections.

    **I haven't had a friend call me on the phone named "Kelly" since 7th grade so you can imagine my confusion.

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    Kelly Cutrone [Photo via The Observer]

    Kelly Cutrone