An Hermès accessory may be the ultimate status symbol in the world of fashion, but the influence of the iconic brand extends all the way to elite dining rooms across the globe. When giving a gift or hosting a dinner party, forget a belt or bag - the chicest way to show off your taste is with designer tableware.

If you didn't already know, Hermès has its very own line of artist-designed porcelain plates, platters, teacups, and more. From bold patterns inspired by the ironwork of Andalusia to intricately hand-sketched wildlife scenes, the Art de la Table collections embody the preciousness of display china, but boast a lightheartedness that invites them to be used.

At Hermès' recent Self Service dinner in New York City, we were able to see just how much fun you could have with the objets, some of which reach prices upwards of $2000. Joined by Benoît-Pierre Emery, Creative Director of Objets et La Table Hermès, and Robert Chaves, President and CEO of Hermès USA, guests were treated to a playful dinner at the Madison Avenue store, where Chef Eric Trochon whipped up elevated French fare at different stations, perfectly plated and served on cafeteria trays. No stuffiness found.

Artist Nigel Peake was also in attendance to toast his new collaboration with the brand - a colorful, geometric tableware collection called "A Walk in the Garden." Fittingly enough, the whimsical, botanical design was used for the vegetarian meal option.

While it's hard to decide whether the food or the plating stole the show, one thing's for sure - no dinner scene is complete without Hermès.

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[Photos by Mike Vitelli/]