Blue Prosecco: Classy Or Carbonated Gatorade?

by Millie Moore · May 5, 2017

    Between the rise of chokers, jellies (designed by our girl Rihanna, might we add), and Juicy Couture, it's no secret that the '90s and early aughts have been making a comeback. But who knew that this not-so-recent trend would transcend the runway and make a comeback into our kitchen?

    Remember that craze of insanely colored foods - specifically purple ketchup and tongue color changing Cheet-o's? We're sure you do, and we're sure your mother is still cringing about it. Well, colorful food seems to be making a comeback and is catering to the '90s kids who are all grown up and legal to party because blue prosecco is now a thing.

    You heard us correctly, your favorite celebratory drink to sip on now comes in an electric blue that almost looks like...carbonated Gatorade. Introducing Blumond Prosecco, the colorful cocktail no one asked for. It's a blend of prosecco, peach undertones, and...Blue Curacao. We're not so sure how we feel about the last ingredient, considering Blue Curacao is a mainstay in cocktails we guzzled down while wildin' out in tacky Spring Break destinations when we were barely legal.

    We're totally about that rose gold prosecco, but we're not so sure how we'd feel about this one. How would our Instagram followers feel about us drinking what looks like Blue Hawaiians out of champagne glasses? And equally as important, how would our refined palettes feel about us reintroducing Blue Curacao into our lives?

    But then again, alcohol is alcohol is alcohol. And that's something worth raising a glass to. Drink up!

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