You've finally reached the front of the coffee shop queue. You look towards the titanic menu of coffee drink options. Cortado? Cappuccino? Are you trying to order a beverage or an exotic animal? Panic sets in. Your knees begin to tremble.

Don't you wish someone would just explain to you the crazy differences between pour-overs and cold brews?

Enter Claire Chan, owner and boss babe of the coolest coffee shop in the West Village, The Elk. This gal knows a thing or two about pulling the perfect espresso shot, pouring the right amount of steamed milk or foamed milk, and demystifying the coffee process for us plebeians who don't. 

To graduate from basic Pumpkin Spice Lattes, peek our interview. Then, proceed for a visual breakdown.

[Photo by Bridget Badore via @theelknyc]