Know what consistently sparks joy for us? Our pets, of course. They’re adorable, loving, and can always put a smile on our faces, so it’s really no surprise that we’re living for the new spin-off of the #KonMari cleaning trend—#KonMariPets!

While in the process of tidying their own belongings, pet parents have taken to snapping pics of their furry friends doing a little decluttering of their own… except it typically doesn’t work out so well, because who can say no when your pooch wants to keep their doughnut plushie? Even if these Instagrammers ended up with just as many toys as they started with, we appreciate the adorable pictures that have come out of the effort.

If you need a little bit of joy in your day, here are 10 of our favorite Marie Kondo pet pictures that are sure to make you smile.

Words by Camryn Rabideau at Food52

[Photo via @brinkleyfromva]