Latest Sly Stallone Blockbuster Shot Entirely In Upper East Side Studio Apartment

by BILLY GRAY · January 13, 2010

    In a stunning example of making the most of a cramped NYC studio, one man filmed a "remake" of Rambo in his 220 square foot apartment.  Anthology Film Archives screens it through tomorrow, so please do see the movie that makes Paranormal Activity look like Avatar.  Trailer below...

    The movie is Flooding With Love For the Kid (the best film title since Beverly Hills Chihuahua, in my opinion). The writer, actor, director, designer and editor is Zachary Oberzan. And the budget was $96, which included the purchase of a requisite green beret (the only outside prop Oberzan permitted).

    The end result is compelling. (It helps that the pulpy dialogue from David Morrell's Rambo-inspiring novel First Blood remains completely intact.) At first I laughed at the crude visuals, makeshift sets and fantastic gender-bending (Oberzan plays all of the movie's 12+ roles, including hair-netted hash slingers). But then, so help me, I became pretty much transfixed, especially by ingenious action sequences that put Michael Bay's high-priced fireworks to shame.

    Let's just say that I forgot I was watching a movie that cost about as much as a cocktail at The Eldridge.

    Anyway, it's the best example of a member of the struggling creative underclass (Oberzan shot at night and on weekends to accommodate his secretary schedule) making art that cleverly takes advantage of New York's barriers to non-rich people rather than being hobbled by them.

    So, see it now and get in on a future cult movie on the ground floor while enabling Oberzan to follow this advice: quit your day job.