Obama: The Musical!

by Chiara Atik · January 7, 2010

    It's no secret that the Germans LOVE Musicals (no, really. They do. Ask one.). They also love Barack Obama, so it was really only a matter of time before "HOPE-The Obama Musical Story" premiered in Frankfurt. And judging from the pictures, it's everything you could possibly hope to find in the story of our President's election in Musical Comedy form.The important players in the 2009 election are all talking, all singing, all dancing in this new production. The picture above shows Jimmie Wilson as Barack Obama, Della Miles as Michelle Obama, and in the background, Harriet Lewis as Michelle Obama's Mom. Yes, the First Grandmother even has her own song. And guess who else makes a rollicking appearance?

    Sarah Palin, rocking out with barely dressed backup dancers. I'm not sure Tina Fey's impression holds a candle to this performance.


    Hillary Clinton, in what is no doubt a poignant soliloquy. And she's played by the same actress who plays Sarah Palin...meta.

    A heartwarming duet between mother and daughter...possible song title: "Back Home In Chi-Town"

    And what Obama musical would be complete without an 11th hour gospel number by Reverend Wright?

    We can't tell from the pictures, but we can only hope that two adorable child actors were cast as Sasha and Malia, and that there is a charming song called "You'll Always Be Daddy To Us" or something in the second act. Maybe BO makes a triumphant appearance in the curtain call, just like in Annie.

    Thie show opens January 17th at the Jahrhunderthalle in Frankfurt, and, oh my god, it's almost tempting, isn't it??

    [All images via Getty].